Augmented Reality – A Transformational Tool for Brick and Mortar Retail

We live in an omnichannel world. Traditional brick-and-mortar (B&M) retailers are beefing up their eCommerce offers, and pure eCommerce players are pushing into physical retail. This convergence is driven by the consumer’s preference for a path to purchase that enables shopping when, where, and how they like it, and the expectation of a friction-free experience regardless of the channel used.

That said, we are just at the beginning! This report explores the incorporation of cutting-edge technologies to more effectively train retail executives and their designers to make paramount decisions of enhancing the shopper experience. The insights in this document are in alignment with GMDC”s Retail Tomorrow initiative and touch on many important solutions that are discussed during recent immersions.

This is not science fiction — a wide range of AR benefits are available today and many of the best retailers are executing against these practices.

Download the report to learn about:

  • Higher revenue and profitability as a function of more engaged team members
  • Greater profitability as a result of optimized store and shelf designs
  • Lowering costs through streamlined merchandising processes
  • Decrease turnover of retail staff and improve retaining the right members with high-level of engagement

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