Better-for-You Beauty: The Growing Demand for Natural & Sustainable in the Beauty Industry

Millennial consumers have had a big role in shaping the better-for-you food movement and their desire for transparency, sustainability, and natural is now influencing the beauty industry. Linkage Research will present key insights about what better-for-consumers expect from the beauty industry and what natural and sustainable attributes have the most appeal with this consumer. These insights will frame for the manufacturer and retailer which beauty benefits have the most appeal now and which are poised for growth.

During this Infocast, Linkage Research will discuss:

  • Profile and mindset of the better-for-you beauty consumer
  • The relative appeal of the range of better-for-you attributes to the beauty consumer
  • Perspective on which attributes are set to grow
  • Channels consumers are seeking beauty-for-you beauty
  • Trending brands that are delivering on the needs of the beauty-for-you beauty consumer

Carrie Schaefer, VP Strategy & Marketing, Linkage Research & Consulting