A Final Note from the Association

Throughout the past 50 years, GMDC|Retail Tomorrow has been at the forefront of retail innovation and the evolution of customer needs. Always there for our members every step of the way, our company became well-known as a trusted leader in the retail industry – a role we held to the highest of standards.

Remaining focused on thriving in an ever-changing industry, we were resilient amid a “new normal.” During the journey, we learned valuable lessons that we will all carry with us into the chapters in life that follow this one. The risks we’ve taken have shaped us, the legends in retail have taught us and our members have empowered us to strive for more while growing with and being challenged by the industry. Our hunger for innovation and imagination propelled us to reach new heights.

Although the outcome of our association’s dissolution is not the one would we have ever imagined or hoped for, this moment does not define us. We are proud of the impact we’ve made across the industry, the incredible work we produced in the past 50 years and thank our incredibly supportive members we met along the way.

When one chapter comes to an end, it’s never long before a new one begins. As we wrap the 50-year impactful story, we stand proud with gratitude, humility and optimism toward the future.