Following the DoorDash Example

At the end of last year, our partners at BHDP introduced us to a new type of shopper: the Omni-Choice Customer. Now, after nearly two years of fast-evolving consumer habits, behaviors and preferences based on the impacts of the pandemic, BHDP forecasts that specialty and grocery retailers will need to find ways to “seamlessly marry online with in-store messaging and experiences to provide multiple or omni-choice solutions for all shoppers” to ensure future relevance with the consumer.

One of the first programs we have seen is from the international online delivery service DoorDash, with the launch of the DoubleDash pilot program.

To further cater to today’s omni-choice shopper, DoubleDash allows customers to add items from nearby grocery and convenience retailers to their current order, all in one delivery. According to the company, its vision is to “deliver all the best of your neighborhood right to your doorstep, from restaurants to convenience, grocery, retail, pet supplies … We are now excited to take it one step further by allowing you to shop across multiple stores and categories, all in a single order.”

DoorDash’s latest launch is yet another example of a business adapting to the current expectations among shoppers who now prefer a “one-stop-shop” option, where they can add a variety of products, food and supplies, from nearby retailers into one single basket online to be delivered right to their doorstep.

DoubleDash achieves the unique intersection of convenience, variety and affordability that today’s omni-choice shopper not only demands but expects. Long-term, this program aims to advance the online delivery service’s goal of “empowering local economies and creating innovative opportunities” for retailers to improve and grow their business, while offering their customers options and choice when it comes to how and where they shop.

We all agree, the omni-choice shopper is here to stay, and DoorDash is leading the market with the innovative tools to meet this new expectation. We foresee this as just one of many companies that will make a similar adjustment and evolve alongside this shopper every step of the way.