What is the Key to Keeping Pace with Your Customer?

“To stand out in an increasingly digitally saturated market, hyper-personalization is the inevitable future of retail.” – Twilio

Understanding today’s retail ecosystem and how to keep pace in the world of ever-growing competition has become more complex than ever. Fast-evolving purchasing behaviors, and changing consumer expectations and demands have been major wake-up calls for retailers who continue relying on an equation that has “always worked for them”.

Personalization has long been part of retailers’ secret sauce, but at a time when traditional approaches are stagnant and no longer as effective, it’s time to shine a brighter light on how to enhance a personalized approach. To differentiate, businesses need to focus on a 1:1 personalized customer experience throughout the entire purchasing journey – not just when they walk in or out the door…or should we say, log on and log off.

With seventy-one percent of consumers feeling frustrated when their shopping experience is impersonal, creating a highly personalized customer experience that meets their expectations will not only set the business apart from its competitors, but it makes it unique and difficult to imitate.

Implementing personalization in the customer experience must occur at every touchpoint and channel within the journey, based on the shopper’s historical data and online behavior. The goal is to improve their experience, making sure the shopper feels unique and emotionally connected. By linking all interactions with the customer – digitally and in the store – retailers can ensure each one is a perfect fit. These can include searching for a business online or entering a store, browsing and selecting products, purchasing those products in addition to how one engages in-person, as well as with all forms of other correspondence and communication.

When looking at today’s shopper profile, retailers must discover fresh and exciting ways to connect with customers, keep them engaged and eventually and lock in their loyalty. This can be achieved by reimagining and strategizing the store layout, establishing an e-commerce presence, providing digital in-store options, adopting a frictionless checkout and incorporating a personalized digital marketing strategy. With the help of these tools and strategies, retailers will be able to deliver customers a meaningful and authentic 1:1 experience and build lasting relationships.