Join us for a New Chapter

We’ve been a bit quiet here recently as we prioritized working closely with our members navigating the effects that COVID-19 has had on our industry. Now we happy to report that we’re back, and with a new vision.

Our values as an association rest in doing good– for our members, their customers, our staff, and anyone engaging in the retail space. We recognize that ‘retail’ is not a small corner of the world, so we’ve been having conversations about how to reimagine retail and service to our members with the breadth of our community in mind. This is manifesting in practical projects and cultural growth, including our dedication to elevating diverse voices and equity of influence throughout our GMDC|Retail Tomorrow community.

Welcome to our process: Our newly re-instated blog, and our openness to more voices, more opinions, more discourse, more listening.

We’re here to reimagine together value for everyone, to reimagine community and influence. Expect a richness of content here as a result. Expect us to foster fun and deep thinking, discovery and learning. And expect that your engagement will be welcomed.

As your GMDC|Retail Tomorrow team, we’re looking forward to this new chapter, and to having you join us along for the ride. To stay in the know with our latest insights and news, follow us on social media so that you never miss an update!