Cannabis: The Next Gold Rush

How is the legalization of cannabis affecting consumer goods companies? Dave Donnan of AT Kearney will be joining us to discuss how this emerging industry will impact retail. Join us and gain insights and answers to all of your cannabis questions.

  • What Will You Learn:
    • The effects of cannabis legalization for consumer goods companies, especially within the food, beverage, personal care, alcohol, and cosmetic industries
    • Case studies of cannabis-based products that have recently been launched
    • Consumer insights about their perception and interest in trying cannabis-based products
    • How to successfully introduce cannabis products into your business
  • Who are these insights for?
    • Consumer goods, e-commerce, retail, and merchandising executives
    • Business strategists and executives located or with business in Canada and the US

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Dave Donnan, Senior Partner with Kearney (formerly A.T. Kearney) Consumer Products & Retail Practice