Digital Integration: Creating A Seamless Shopper Experience

Digital influence in the physical world of retail far outweighs the pure impact of e-commerce sales. Shoppers have access to an array of tools that enable an on-demand experience and physical outlets need to position themselves to take advantage of this opportunity. The level of investment in digital technologies at an enterprise level has so far focused on back-end automation and cost savings, but that will switch in the coming years as shopper facing technology becomes a differentiator. Stores will need to create a seamless experience with online that enhances the shopper journey.

1. What you will learn (takeaways for the viewer):

  • Which technologies will be the critical areas of investment
  • Best in class examples of retailers creating a seamless customer experience between the physical and digital world

2. Who are these insights for (target audience):

  • Category management
  • Shopper insights
  • Merchandising teams
  • Format development

Mod Boon-Long, Research Analyst, Planet Retail RNG