Disruptive Shopper Marketing: What In The World is Next?

Shopper Marketing means many things to many people. For some it is in-store activity, for others it is retail-led collaboration. But neither of these really explain the true power of shopper marketing. And you will need to unlock this power to survive and thrive in the new view of Retail Tomorrow. In this cast Mike Anthony will share next-practices from around the world, demonstrating how recent shopper marketing revelations are key to success in an increasingly disruptive retail environment.

What will you learn?
•  A New Global Retail – where/when it all went wrong – how we got here and what happens next
•  The true implications of shopper and retail disruption – for retailers and brands, on and offline
•  What should retailers and brands do to exploit these changes?

Who Are These Insights For?
•  Retail Execs, Buyers, Merchandisers
•  Manufacturing, Supplier Marketing, Insights
•  Anyone working with any offline retail model

Presenter: Mike Anthony, Global CEO, Engage Ltd