Insights to Overcome Today’s Challenges at Retail

3 Unique Ways to Boost Your Sales

General Merchandise is Essential for Today’s Shopper

Brick-and-mortar retailers can remain competitive against specialty and emerging sellers by re-evaluating their GM strategies. Through a shopper-centric lens, GMDC is revealing pockets of growth that relate to trends that are impacting GM sales.

The Health & Wellness Minded Consumer

Technology has made your average shopper a more health and wellness-minded consumer. With endless amounts of information at their fingertips, shoppers are looking for items on store shelves that promote healthy practices, education, and self-care.

The Future of Retail Checkout

The rapidly evolving shopping channels, payment options, and food culture are fundamentally changing how and when shoppers engage with retail checkout. The study identifies attitudinal and behavioral differences by generation, area, income, time of day, and occasions that affect how shoppers need and want to use checkout options.

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