Far East Brokers Introduces GrillPerks™ – The First Cross-Category, Consumer Loyalty Program For Grilling Products In The Grocery Industry

Jacksonville, FL; May 23, 2019 – In an effort to generate demand for grilling products year round, Far East Brokers and Consultants have developed the first cross-category, consumer loyalty program for manufacturers of grilling-related products through its new rewards program GrillPerks™.

This online program engages shoppers with helpful tips, recipes and promotions on a wide range of grilling products and rewards them with gift cards from participating retailers. It encourages retailer loyalty for all things grilling, while providing a turnkey vehicle to cross promote grilling brands and build baskets. GrillPerks™ inspires grilling occasions all year long, not just for the occasional cookout or major grilling holidays, such as Memorial Day and the 4thof July.

GrillPerks ™ was created by Far East Brokers, who distributes the Mr. Bar-B-Q® brand of grills and grilling tools and accessories. Other brands participating in the program include Kingsford® and MatchLight® Charcoal, Hidden Valley®, KC Masterpiece®, Bubba Burger®, El Yucateco® Hot Sauce, Soy Vay®, Wonderbread® and Natures Own®.

“Shoppers are invited to participate in GrillPerks™ via on-package callouts on millions of grills and grilling accessories at grocery and drug stores throughout the county. A robust social media presence supporting the campaign will keep consumers interested in grilling throughout the year while rewarding loyalty for purchasing GrillPerks™ participating brands in the stores of our retail partners,” explained Mike Sims, executive vice president for Far East Brokers.

“We have enjoyed a great deal of success over the past several years co-promoting our Mr. Bar-B-Q® brand grills and grilling accessories with great brand partners like Bubba Burger® and Kingsford®. This year, we’ve elevated that partnership by creating the GrillPerks™ loyalty program and welcoming some additional national brand partners. Together, these brands create a powerful voice for grilling,” Sims added.

The way the program works is a customer goes online to GrillPerks.com or texts the word GRILLPERKS to 811811and registers. They have to check off their primary grocery store. When they buy products from the participating brands, they photograph the receipt and text, email or upload it directly to GrillPerks.com. No app is needed. For each dollar spent, the member earns a point. For every 50 points, they earn a $10 retailer or Visa gift card.

“We’ve been able to extend our brand outside of the frozen food and meat cases by linking to general merchandise through our partnership with Far East Brokers,” said Andy Stenson, vice president of marketing for BUBBA Foods, LLC. “The Bubba Burger® by Mr. Bar-B-Q® line of branded grills and grilling accessories has been a huge success on many fronts. Now the GrillPerks™ program allows us the ability to market with synergistic brands through an innovative digital platform, reaching new consumers that will help build brand loyalty for all of our Bubba Burger® family of products.”

The launch of the GrillPerks ™ program is both timely and on strategy. An online survey by Rockbridge Associates conducted for the Hearth Patio & Barbecue Association (HPBA) reported that 79% of respondents believe that cookouts are a great way to bond with the family. And according to the GrillWatch survey by Weber-Stephen Products, the number of female grillers went up by 20% last year. Even the millennial generation is buying into outdoor grilling, evidenced by their support of TV cooking shows like “BBQ Pitmasters,” according to grill social media influencer Richard Wachtel.

“This is an important new promotion for retailers as well,” Sims said. “Grocers who are winning today are the ones who recognize the importance of having a solid seasonal general merchandise strategy. Shoppers come to the grocery store already for most of their grilling occasion purchases and offering grills and grilling accessories is as important to completing the shopping trip as anything else on their list. Millennials want one-stop shopping and are willing to reward the retailer with their loyalty if you can provide that. Seasonal general merchandise is a smart way to attract and keep millennials coming back to the store.”

There are over 20 major retail grocers all over the U.S. participating in the GrillPerks™ promotion, such as Publix and Food Lion in the south; ShopRite and Big Y Stores in the northeast; Schnucks and Giant Eagle in the mid-west: and Brookshire’s Food and Pharmacy and Bartell Drugstores in the west.


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Far East Brokers and Consultants is an importer of seasonal general merchandise. The 35-year-old company, headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, is the largest supplier of seasonal general merchandise to the U.S. supermarket and drug store channels.



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