GMDC Academy

Transform Your Brand into a REtail-ready partner

Developed with guidance from senior executives working on both sides of the desk, the GMDC Academy, powered by the CPG Institute, demonstrates how retailers assess potential suppliers and decide which new products they will stock in their stores. From the first meeting to the first moment your product is placed in the store, from the first product promotion to establishing a foundation for long term success, this course provides actionable information about what retailers expect and how to become a retail-ready supplier.

Are You Retail Ready?

Participants will experience seven 25-40 minute “mastery module” sessions which cover:

Who Are You and What Are You (Really) Selling?
Understand what buyers look for in a new supplier.

Your TARGET Customer
Defining who will buy your product and understanding where and how they shop.

30 Days, 30 Months. Are Your Plans In Focus and On Point?
Making sure your short term and long term plans are in focus and on point.

Mastering Your Message
Creating your message for success.

At the Buyer’s Desk
First impressions are key to setting the tone of the meeting.

The (Rare) Art of the Fast Follow Up
The #1 way to become a valued supplier, and how to do it!

Are You Retail Ready?
The value of being “retail ready” and how to set yourself apart as a long term asset to your retailer. 

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