GMDC Congratulates the Top-10 Showcase Products from the 2013 General Merchandise Conference!


The GM13 Conference held in Phoenix, Arizona, September 6th-10th, was a big success for Retailers and Suppliers alike. While GMDC members have praised the highly insightful educational business sessions conducted by Nielsen and the RetailNet Group and the highly productive CCC Meetings (Controlled Casual Conferences), participation at this year’s Showcase was unparalleled. The Showcase is a unique venue taking place during the conference where Suppliers can highlight their innovative new products and/or packaging to Retailers/Wholesalers attending the event. The Showcase offers Members the opportunity to present their offering on any type of merchandising vehicle available to display their products: Floor or Counter-top Displays, Pallet Programs, Clip Strips, Wing Panels, etc. as well as Single Retail Items. Every Retailer/Wholesaler attending the conference has a pre-scheduled appointment to view The Showcase.

Why do Suppliers love The Showcase?

Suppliers receive immediate feedback from Retail/Wholesale activity inside The Showcase via email when their product is scanned. The Showcase offers Suppliers an enhanced way to add value to their meetings at the conference while increasing potential for additional on-site appointments, and securing follow-up discussions after the conference.

“The Showcase was a perfect business tool to an already great conference,” said Peter Fahrenkopf, Director of Sales, ShurTech Brands, LLC. “Our company had one of the most viewed products at The Showcase by retailers — it gave us terrific exposure as a participating GMDC supplier and opened doors to receive immediate recognition and strengthened our business meetings. We finished the conference with significant revenue opportunities as a result.”

Why do Retailers love The Showcase?

Retailers also receive immediate feedback throughout the GM Conference as they are able to see live updates of the top ten products being scanned by other retailers, along with keeping a record of the products they scanned. The Showcase additionally offers Retailers the ability to evaluate products and promotions in a private business manner, allowing the Retailers to evaluate how a product will fit or be setup in their store, all in real time.

“The Showcase was a vibrant atmosphere of general merchandise that reached across multiple categories. My team was able to capitalize on the sheer number of variety of displays and products that were setup in a store-like environment, and plan for the next year. It was extremely productive for our company as a whole since we were able to conduct an evaluation process of Weis Markets promotions and determine how these products would fit into our current and future merchandising initiatives. GMDC’s Showcase was not only a treasure-hunt of new items, but it was also a productive atmosphere to meet with suppliers face to face.” stated Steve Davis, Director of Center Store, GM/HBC and Grocery Nonfoods, Weis Markets, Inc.

Showcase Top 10 Listing….

How the Top 10 Showcase are finalized… It is quite an honor to be in the Top-10 considering there are over 380 entries from 171 companies! GMDC highlights the top-scanned products by retailers and wholesalers throughout the conference so attendees can keep track. At the conclusion of the conference, the Top-10 scanned Showcase items are tallied. Here are the final results of the Top 10 Showcase products posted on


  1. Lifestyle Wine & Bar Tool Line by True Fabrications – True Fabrications is the leading wine lifestyle brand for thousands of wine retailers around the world with their wine chiller and wine aerator.
  2. Duck Brand Creative Tapes Set by ShurTech – Shurtech Brand products provide consumers with new, innovative technologies including the Duck Brand Creative Tapes Set which includes EZ Start Printed Packaging Tapes, Deco Tape, Duckling Tape, Duck Prism Mini’s, Duck Washi Tapes, Duck Tapes, and Deco Laminate Adhesives!
  3. The Cappy by Cappy – “The Cappy” is truly a unique product that functions as a beverage can CLOSER and opener. It is available in 12 distinctive colors. The Cappy color identifies ownership, extends freshness/carbonation, keeps the drinking surface clean, protects the integrity of the beverage, and reduces spills.
  4. Magic Chef by Jarden Consumer Solutions – Magic Chef has created everyday small kitchen appliances including 2 slice toasters, hand mixers, mini choppers, iron and electric can openers all under the Magic Chef brand.
  5. Aladdin Mason Jar Display by Aladdin – Introducing the newest silhouette in Aladdin’s Cold Beverage collection, an iconic double wall drinking Mason jar that’s modern with double wall insulation for a no-sweat iced drink experience.
  6. Boogie Board LCD eWriters by Improv Electronics – Say goodbye to paper with Boogie Board LCD eWriters, the environmentally-friendly, paperless and cost-effective replacement to paper.
  7. Unique is What We Do by Feldstein & Associates Showcase Display – Mark Feldstein & Associates, Inc. has delivered unique, dynamic, and decorative clocks with different, authentic sounds announcing each hour along with their popular Flameless LED Candles, LED Light Branches and LED Lanterns.
  8. Designer Lunch Bag Spinner by Medport – Medport has created Designer Insulated Lunch Bags that are insulated, come with their own ice pack, and are available in several fashionable prints.
  9. Core Home Kitchen Set by Core Home – Core Kitchen is the premier destination for home chefs looking for fresh designs and modern kitchen solutions including gadgets, knives, cutting boards, and accessories, all with a unique perspective.
  10. Big Time Products Gloves by Big Time Products – Big Time Products showcased their full assortment of branded products from hand protection to their cleaning wipes.

The Top Ten Showcase Products can also be seen on GMDC’S online marketplace All GMDC retailer members have full access to the online marketplace.

At the end of the conference, GMDC donates product that were displayed at The Showcase to a local charity. This year, GMDC had two local charities who took in the donated good. They were The Sojourner Center and Halo Pet Rescue.

About The Sojourner Center:

Sojourner Center was founded in 1977 as an emergency program for women who had recently been released from prison. Since then, the facility has grown from a house with only 28 emergency beds to three campuses with the capacity of 280 beds and 32 transitional apartments. Sojourner Center is one of the largest domestic violence shelters the United States. As a direct result of its capacity, Sojourner Center is able to serve over 2,900 women and children annually.

About Halo Pet Rescue:

HALO Animal Rescue is a safety net for thousands of homeless dogs and cats each year. Their specialty is to provide a refuge to those pets who might otherwise be destroyed at other Valley shelters for reasons such as a treatable injury, illness, or those who are too scared or too young to go up for adoption at their time of arrival. These animals are lovingly cared for while they are prepared for adoption, and then they are adopted into loving homes.

About GMDC:

GMDC (Global Market Development Center) is the premier global trade association dedicated to serving General Merchandise and Health Beauty Wellness retailers, wholesalers and suppliers. GMDC promotes critical connectivity to grow and expand member companies by uniting members through business building events and opportunities and enriching their thinking through education and training; consumer and business insights; and information resources.

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