GMDC Whitepaper Maps New Ways Shoppers Buy Seasonal and Reveals Retail Strategies for Success

The Global Market Development Center (GMDC) and its Educational Leadership Council has released a new whitepaper, “Seasonal Best Practices – for the New World of Shopping: Part 1” that explores today’s prevalent shopping patterns for seasonal nonfoods. This breaking study offers specific ways retailers can accelerate sales and profits during the vital retail time frame between September (Storm Season) and December (Christmas) and provides deepening value to the GMDC member-base.

“Seasonal Best Practices – for the New World of Shopping: Part 1” reveals proven retail strategies and tactics to grow basket size and increase store trips.  Retailer interviews and case studies showcase successful ways to make stores, categories and products appeal to modern-day seasonal shoppers. The biggest difference makers include: top-down support, analytics-based strategies, and joint presence of nonfoods with holiday foods in store displays and marketing collateral.

Moreover, Nielsen data within this whitepaper quantify key seasonal nonfoods opportunities, while findings of an exclusive GMDC member survey conducted online last fall, addresses consumer spending habits, plus ways in which retailers will use technology to engage consumers and sell more seasonal nonfoods.

In an exclusive interview GMDC member Chris Timko, Director of National Brands at Topco Associates, spoke about the importance of seasonal product.
“Seasonal is definitely important. Give people the right experience, and a store has a much greater chance to keep people shopping there. Seasonal is a little bit offense and a little bit defense. Just as people are passionate about food, they can gain emotional uplift from the right GM product that has the right value proposition in place.”

GMDC members will share this research with their company associates across many departments with shared objectives to mine new analytics, pinpoint shoppers’ spending thresholds, market in ways that audiences will be receptive to, and collaborate with more resourceful, motivated suppliers to win seasons.

“Seasons are so critical to retailer success and shoppers evolve so rapidly in how they buy for them – that stores and CPG manufacturers must constantly refine their efforts to appeal and satisfy,” says Mark Mechelse, Director of Research, Industry Insights & Communications at GMDC. “Part 1 is a powerful tool to help GMDC members achieve this. Its consumer insights help stores and suppliers position for where seasonal markets are heading, case studies serve as lessons in success, and new data help frame the dollar opportunities so retailers are better able to allocate their resources appropriately.”

GMDC Retailers, Wholesalers, Suppliers and Service Companies will soon be provided with “Seasonal Best Practices: Part 2.” This follow-up whitepaper, currently in development, will cover the rest of the calendar from January (New Year’s Resolutions) through August (Back to School).

While the full version of “Seasonal Best Practices – for the New World of Shopping: Part 1”is available to GMDC members only, the executive summary, as a preview to this new study, can be found at and is available for public viewing. GMDC members can view the full version of this whitepaper in theirmyGMDC Content Library.  If you are not a GMDC member but are interested in knowing more about the association and joining, please visit or contact Keith Wypyszynski ( at 719.785.7367.

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