Membership FAQs

Your Questions, Answered

Feel free to reach out to GMDC if you have additional questions:

First, GMDC is about empowering retailers, wholesalers, suppliers, and service/solution companies towards achieving new levels of awareness and success. We are committed to connecting the next generation of consumers to the leading general merchandise & health beauty wellness stakeholders.

Second, GMDC is about innovation, creativity, and driving market-trends. Through dynamic and pioneering thought-leadership, we advance industry-changing initiatives to deliver tomorrow’s trends, today.

GMDC hosts two marketing conferences each year: The General Merchandise (GM) Conference and The Selfcare Summit.

GMDC conferences offer a variety of pre-scheduled meeting formats. During these appointments, participants can share insights, discover business opportunities, introduce new products and services, discuss trends, marketing plans & operations, conduct business reviews, and assess other key topics that enable business relationships to grow. In addition to the pre-scheduled meetings, the conferences include scheduled business sessions that are educational and innovative. There are also opportunities to network with peers and trade partners during meals, evening receptions, and group activities. The Selfcare Summit includes an additional Learning Track component, which incorporates speaking sessions centered around the theme of Selfcare.

As the industry continues to evolve, the importance of face-to-face events proves to be one of the most important touch points to have with current and potential trading partners. In terms of time and value, there is no better way to connect with top management than to attend GMDC’s conferences where members experience the most productive work days of the year.

  • Cost of membership for Supplier & Service/Solution Company
    • Membership fees are a Tier based for Supplier attendees.
      • Tier 1 Annual Sales Revenue <$100M, Annual Dues $3,300
      • Tier 2 Annual Sales Revenue $100 – $500M, Annual Dues $3,600
      • Tier 3 Annual Sales Revenue >$500M, Annual Dues $3,900
  • Cost of membership for Retail/Wholesale Company = $2750

Since 1993, the GMDC Education Leadership Council has published insights designed to help our members increase sales by focusing on creating actionable and future-facing consumer and business strategies. Some of the more recent research available on the GMDC website includes:

  • Evolution or Revolution: The Impact of Digital on Shipping & Stores
  • Health & Wellness Best-Practices for the Evolving Consumer
  • Click & Collect Upside for Nonfoods
  • GMDC / Nielsen GM and HBW Hierarchy: POS Data Refreshed Monthly
  • Home Health: Consumerism of Healthcare at Retail
  • Center Store is Essential for Total Store Growth
  • The Connected Consumer: Changing Retail Environments

With each “next-practice”, GMDC is sparking new ideas for companies to generate revenue, breaking into new markets, harnessing innovation, and deepening trading relations for greater profit.