Blowback, Pushback, & Other Pandemic Realities

GMDC Staff

Consumers’ mixed feelings and retailers’ tightrope walk as the country begins slowly reopening.

In a new series of weekly Retail Tomorrow podcasts, Sterling Hawkins, co-CEO and co-founder of CART-The Center for Advancing Retail & Technology, and MNB “Content Guy” Kevin Coupe team up to speculate, prognosticate, and formulate visions of what tomorrow’s retail landscape will look like post-coronavirus.

This week Hawkins and Coupe focus on the mixed feelings that consumers seem to have about the governmental and business response to the COVID-19 coronavirus and the tightrope that retailers have to walk in order to send consistent messages to their shoppers, keep their own people safe, and alienate as few people as possible.

As the country’s economy begins to open up – albeit slowly and in fits and starts – retailers have to figure out the shape and dimensions of the world of Retail Tomorrow.

Blowback, Pushback, & Other Pandemic Realities
Retail Tomorrow Podcast Series

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