How Restaurant Woes Can Feed Grocer Innovation

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As many as 100,000 restaurants – or one in six in the United States – have closed, either long-term or permanently, since the beginning of the pandemic. This isn’t just a business calculation – there also have been millions of jobs lost because of all these closures, not to mention communities that have lost vital components that often helped define their people and neighborhoods.
In this episode, co-hosts Sterling Hawkins and Kevin Coupe look at how this continuing problem, unlikely to get much better anytime soon, can actually help supermarkets fuel their own innovations and unhinge limitless creativity. Through pop-up restaurants in-store food trucks, dark kitchens, and expanded foodservice offerings, veterans of the restaurant business can help supermarkets achieve their goal of becoming “grocerants”.  It makes sense to do so, especially because at some point new and surviving restaurants may rethink their models and embrace the notion of being “restaurmarkets”.

How Restaurant Woes Can Feed Grocer Innovation
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