Supply, Demand, & Sky-High Challenges

GMDC Staff

Retail lessons from the airlines on how to manage customers in a pandemic.

In a new series of weekly Retail Tomorrow podcasts, Sterling Hawkins, co-CEO and co-founder of CART-The Center for Advancing Retail & Technology, and MNB “Content Guy” Kevin Coupe team up to speculate, prognosticate, and formulate visions of what tomorrow’s retail landscape will look like post-coronavirus.

Airlines have one problem – lots of supply, but not nearly enough demand. Retailers have the opposite issue – tons of demand, but trouble in certain segments coming up with supply. And yet, there are lots of lessons for retailers to learn from how airlines have been dealing with the pandemic – about leadership vs. management, about shopper-centricity vs. an operations focus, and about the importance of finding the experience’s pain points and doing everything possible to reduce friction for customers.

Supply, Demand, & Sky-High Challenges
Retail Tomorrow Podcast Series

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