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Retail Tomorrow was created by GMDC to foster innovation within the retail industry. As today’s evolving shopper drives change at a faster pace than ever before, retailers and their trading partners need to find ways to stay competitive in a highly disruptive marketplace.

We help companies understand the future and activate against relevant trends by hosting City Immersions and Innovation Program events to expose executives to emerging technologies, products, and new business models that will drive tomorrow’s revenue.

Startup Mic-Drop Series

Through our innovation arm of GMDC|Retail Tomorrow, we bring you immersion events to get you in front of the most innovative thought-leadership in retail!

CART Innovation Program

GMDC has partnered with the Center for Advancing Retail & Technology (CART) to bring curated innovation in an on-site or virtual event to executive teams at retailer and supplier headquarters.

The program is designed to unite and engage executive teams to build awareness, facilitate adoption, and stimulate growth to compete and stay relevant in today’s dynamic marketplace.

EXPLORE the Latest Innovation
The latest innovation is sourced from CART’s platform and a widespread application process for cutting edge technology. Together, we look at 1,000+ new cutting-edge solutions every year.

EXAMINE the Right Solutions
As innovation realization specialists, we work with you to curate solutions from our network, specifically around your needs, interests, and our recommendations. After solutions apply, we filter out the best of the best to work with your leadership team to determine the best fit.

ENGAGE the Innovation Programs Event
The program brings together all of your leadership team in the same room at the same time breaking down the silos of conversation. Every solution is coached to provide an engaging presentation with the relevant information your team needs.

EVALUATE to Grow a Culture of Innovation
Potential alone isn’t enough. It must be realized. And then the whole process must be repeated. We develop an innovation cadence with you to continually measure and grow to reach for what’s possible.

Benefits  of Retail Tomorrow Programs

Retail Tomorrow Podcast Series

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Navigating the A.I. Journey
Gary Saarenvirta, the founder and CEO of Daisy Intelligence and an authority on artificial intelligence, joins co-hosts Sterling Hawkins and ...
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The Road to the "Better Next”
Nancy Giordano, one of the country’s foremost strategic futurists, join co-hosts Sterling Hawkins and Kevin Coupe for a conversation about ...
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Innovation at the Juncture of Art and Science
Architecture and design can be seen as being at the unique juncture of art and science, and this week’s guest, ...
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We have a diverse membership of distributors, brand managers, retail executives, technologists, and innovators that are bolstered by GMDC’s 50 years of experience. We deliver thought leadership across all channels of trade inside consumer goods, selfcare and retail service industries with a focus on “what’s next”?

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