ReVisioning Sustainable Eyewear, Piranha Eyewear® by Navajo Inc.

Piranha Eyewear® Launches Eco-Pact™ Sunglasses Line Made from Recycled Water Bottles


The nationally recognized brand Piranha Eyewear®, located in Denver, Colorado, has a new line of affordable ecofriendly sunglasses made from recycled water bottles. Every frame made with post-use plastics prevents 2-3 water bottles from entering a landfill! The new Eco-Pact™ sunglasses line from Piranha® is available on their website starting April 22nd in celebration of Earth Day 2021 and in Walmart stores nation-wide. Lightweight and comfortable, these frames are not only stylish, they are part of a broader initiative by parent company Navajo Inc. to become more sustainable as a manufacturer.

What is the Eco-Pact™ line? These sunglass frames and temples are constructed from former PET 1 water bottles. Currently, the line is estimated to have prevented 504,000 bottles from entering landfills, with the potential to reach 1 million bottles by the end of the year. With this line, Piranha is making a pact to create sustainable and eco-friendly products.

“Our promise is to reduce our impact on the environment by giving single-use plastics extended life, reducing packaging, and researching new environmentally-friendly materials for our sunglass construction,” says Henry Wong, Vice President of Piranha. The brand’s directive includes exploring alternate materials from renewable, fast-growing, green resources like bamboo.  The Bamboo line by Piranha has been one of their most popular for the past three years.

The waste and proliferation of single-use plastic is a major problem every consumer, recycler, retailer, and manufacturer must tackle. The best way to prevent single-use plastic waste is to rely on it as a renewable resource to create products with longevity. Post-use plastics create a supply chain that begins when a bottle’s life ends. Each bottle is approximately 23 grams of plastic that is then cleaned and refined into pellets which can once again be dyed and molded into something useful. The Piranha frames created from post-use plastics are BPA-free, just like the water bottles they’re made of!

The product lifecycle of a pair of sunglasses is just as important as the material it comes from. When Eco-Pact™ sunglasses can no longer be used, these shades are recyclable and can be placed back into a third or fourth cycle of use! The polycarbonate lenses and PET 1 frames are reusable plastics which can be brought to a neighborhood recycling facility. Piranha’s goal is also to inform customers on how they can make an impact and provide materials for reprocessing.

Piranha brand readers and sunglasses are responsibly sourced, thoughtfully designed, and focus on what’s best for the customer. Piranha eyewear is fashionably fabulous and keeps eyes safe from harmful UV rays, all while maintaining an affordable price so customers don’t have to break the bank to look amazing. At Piranha, there’s a pair of sunglasses for everyone!