What is Selfcare?

Selfcare is a mindset and lifestyle that inspires consumers to embrace proactive life choices through investment in accessible wellness and better-for-you methods. A global movement, Selfcare is a response to the idea that legacy thinking about food, movement, daily routines, work, relationships, and overall living conditions can cause harm if not reconsidered or mitigated. Selfcare’s holistic approach is aimed at achieving improved physical, psychological, emotional, social and spiritual health.

Universally, Selfcare is a personal objective for individuals aspiring to look good, feel good, and live longer, and a sustainable cultural trend as people assume responsibility for those outcomes in their own lives.

Selfcare is at the heart of why, what, and where consumers buy.

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Selfcare Roadmap

This interactive insight tool demonstrates how to optimize the health, beauty, personal care, wellness and general merchandise experience by offering total store solutions and new product assortment ideas.

Retailers, pharmacists, CPG suppliers and many others can leverage the roadmap to:

  • Access more than 140 insightful selfcare whitepapers that will help you meet the growing demand in a $64B industry
  • Search and explore a wide variety of purchase journeys that are relevant for your shoppers
  • Learn what’s on shoppers’ minds versus what they place in their basket at their preferred outlets
  • Discover how maintaining, preventing, recovering or caregiving missions affect the spend
  • Analyze the market opportunity by geography, occasion, category, and basket




The GMDC/Nielsen Selfcare Hierarchy was created as a tool to track and create visibility to important sales information by-product in the selfcare categories.

The sales information gives a detailed look at trends across all selfcare categories representing products that shoppers purchase pertaining to their personal health and wellness in the food and drug channels, and extends to all channels of retail combined.

  • The Selfcare Hierarchy organizes and quantifies health, beauty, wellness, personal care, and other selfcare category data in order to increase marketplace performance and provide better understanding of selfcare categories.
  • There are 53 mega-categories. Each mega-category is then divided further down the scale based on level of detail.
  • This organizational structure offers retailers the ability to gauge channel activity and sales trends in the selfcare industry while only having to search a single resource.


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