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2020 was certainly a year that called for innovation and new thinking. But due to travel limitations, many companies struggled to connect with the early-stage startup companies that are most likely to bring real innovation to retail. 

In response to the disruption of 2020, GMDC|Retail Tomorrow is launching the Startup Mic-Drop series, a 2021 program that will allow our members and industry participants to easily discover the most innovative startups. 

Natural Selfcare

Join us on November 4th to meet five companies driving product innovation in the health, wellness, personal care, and beauty categories. These founders are launching all natural, socially responsible solutions for everyday product categories. In partnership with SKU, this round of Startup Mic-Drop companies will leave you inspired by the innovation changing how we think about what we put in and on our bodies.

What to Expect

  • A one-hour session
  • Five 5-minute pitches from innovative product startups
  • A panel of five industry executives serving as judges and offering real-time feedback to the founders and innovators will select a winner who will participate in the Startup Showdown at the end of the year
  • The overall champion of the Showdown will be awarded a $10,000 prize
  • All registered viewers of the events will have the opportunity to have further one-on-one discussions with any startup of interest

Meet the Startups

  • American Provenance is a manufacturer of natural personal care and wellness products primarily intended for men.
  • LAMIK Beauty is a tech-enabled clean color cosmetics company focusing on women of all diverse backgrounds.
  • Mushroom Revival revives health with the power of functional mushrooms.
  • Created by two sisters, SHAZ & KIKS is a hair wellness brand reimagining ancient Indian rituals for all.
  • Esker Beauty creates products using clean essential oils that are powerful and effective, and most importantly, are safe and nourishing for the skin.

Meet Our Judges

Ola Lessard

Chief Marketing Officer, HempFusion


Kindra Tatarsky

Director, Touchdown Ventures


Neil Stern

Chief Executive Officer, Good Food Holdings


Stephan Henig

Chief Customer Officer, Wakefern Food Corp


Derek Gaskins

Chief Marketing Officer, YESWAY


Naomi Sleeper

Executive Vice President, Imperial Distributors


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