Survive and Thrive: CVS Health shows diversity drives resilience and innovation

he COVID-19 crisis and reborn civil rights movements have changed the way that consumers expect corporations to act and react. The impact has been felt in supply chain, corporate social responsibility, operations, and all facets of retail and consumer goods. Gender, racial and ethnic diversity and inclusion fosters innovation and resilience. Leading retailer CVS will join the discussion, sharing how it has engaged with consumers, community members, and trading partners, and how it plans to use the strength of its diversity to weather the storms in the present and going forward.

GMDC is partnering with Gender Fair to offer member companies access to assessments, roadmaps, and thought leadership on diversity issues. Gender Fair is the first consumer-facing metrics-based evaluation, acceleration, and certification tool designed to identify, advance, and promote your company’s gender fairness practices.

Johanna (José) Zeilstra, CEO, Gender Fair

Tom Ashworth, Senior Manager, Strategic Diversity Management Field Operations, CVS Health

Keith Eakins, Senior Manager, Supplier Diversity – Enterprise Procurement, CVS Health