The Consumers Share of Spend, Presented at IHA

It’s clear that retailers today struggle with understanding the mission of shoppers as they quickly evolve, and grocers are no exception. The economics of retail and the power of big brands are being challenged as the consumer has a new roadmap to find what they need. As Americans are more connected than ever before and with no end in sight, the demand is skyrocketing for convenience, connectivity and personalization. Their willingness to convert to new brands is lessening due to auto-refill and subscription programs. So how are grocers and their suppliers able to gain loyalty and win shoppers back?

Presented by:
Mark Mechelse, GMDC
Mike Anthony, CEO, engage

Scott Bradshaw, Bradshaw International, Inc.
Sheri Best, HEB
Peter Fahrenkopf, Shurtech
Greg Hott, Weis Markets

Join the conversation with a host of grocery retail panelists as we explore the new forces that are driving consumption in a hyper-fragmented marketplace. As new technology emerges, digital trends are driving growth in many new and expected areas. How can the housewares industry stay relevant and know how to capture the consumer at the right time, at the right place, for the right price?

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